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Marin County Real Estate Market September 2020 Report

Very surprisingly, the terrible fires did not significantly impact the number of deals being made in most Bay Area counties during the last 2 weeks of August – the exceptions being Santa Cruz, Sonoma, Monterey and Napa Counties, which saw declines of 13% to 33%. Marin’s numbers didn’t really change at all in the second […]

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Marin County Real Estate Market August 2020 Report

Median house sales price hits new high; year-over-year total listing inventory down; sales activity way up; luxury home sales soar. Median House Sales Price Trend Bay Area Market Comparisons This table ranks each county by the percentage of active listings going into contract in June/July 2020 – a standard statistic of market heat – compares […]

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Marin County Real Estate Spring 2020 Report

Supply & demand statistics, median sales price trends, sales and values by city, the luxury home market, and the ongoing effects of COVID-19 Generally speaking, market activity – as measured by the number of listings going into contract – continued to pick up rapidly in May, bouncing back from the steep plunge following the first […]

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Marin County Real Estate November 2019 Report

Using a six-month-rolling average of monthly median sales prices smooths out the mostly meaningless monthly fluctuations to illustrate broad, long-term appreciation trends with more clarity. Sales Volume by Month A clear illustration of the role of seasonality in the real estate market. Starting in November activity begins to plunge towards the mid-winter nadir. Remember that …

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